John Millington

Road & Track Cyclist


“Since the summer of 2011 I have been training under the guidance of Anthony Webb. I was looking for improvements in endurance road cycling. The 2012 road season I found I was able to contribute more to my cycling team and had some results along the way. Anthony's approach was to build a more efficient and consistent athlete to which dividends were starting to pay out. Unfortunately due to an unforeseen illness and injuries I have not been able to race since the end of 2012.

However I see the value in having Anthony training myself even while being unable to compete. The sessions have both improved my posture, flexibility and strength. The goal being that when I return to the competitive arena I will have a much better base to work from.

Anthony's approach to training is knowledgeable, well researched and always looking for improvement”.


Paul Murdoch

Adventurist / mountain biker / long term athlete


“I threw my back out jumping over a 1m high box where I was in agony, debilitated, and in pain all the time. The following two years I struggled trying to get back into the gym but was in too much pain.  I then had a motorbike accident, and snapped my ACL, six ribs, and following had recovery complications with DVT, fluid on the lung and a severed artery.  I was a mess, had gone soft, was overweight and thought I would never get back into the gym, or back to my old self. I had lost confidence in myself and trainers, most of which were very young and would just push you without considering my injuries, specific goals, or age to tailor workouts. I knew going back to crossfit would be a time bomb for my body.  

I then heard through a friend of Anthony Webb at Innovate. What I have appreciated is his patient, empathetic and scientific approach to getting me back to feeling like an athlete, with specific goals and my present condition in mind to tailor workouts.

Looking back over the past 8 months he has been so patient in conditioning my body to handle more weight and volume, whilst taking careful consideration of my injuries.  

I have recently set PB's and also felt I had more in me. My training has at times taken deliberate steps backwards as imbalances had been observed and worked around. I now have an epic 1200km self-propelled adventure to tackle – see link: www.cooktowntokokoda.com, 25 days of 8hrs per day of riding, kayaking and walking.  

Anthony has got me to the start line stronger, more balanced and far fitter than if I was trying to get prepared myself.

Thanks Anthony”.




Aaron Lean

Retul University Business Development Manager

Exercise Scientist

Head Coach Multisport Solutions

"Since 2007 Anthony has worked in the following capacities of which I have overseen:

  • Hunter Academy of Sport Triathlon Program - Strength & Conditioning (S&C) coach:  education, functional and sport specific assessment and twice weekly Squad S&C sessions

  • NSW Institute of Sport (NSWIS) Regional S&C Coach – worked with Triathlon and Swimming Emerging Athlete Program members. Education, functional and sport specific assessment and twice weekly S&C sessions

  • Multisport Solutions Strength & Conditioning Coach – Consult to Hunter Academy of Sport programs (Ongoing education & functional assessments, Squad or individual S&C plans); S&C Coach to current NSWIS Trampoline Individual Scholarship holder; Lecturer on S&C and functional development to Hunter Sports High; Taking on work experience students in the field of S&C; Coordinates Multisport Solutions’ client S&C needs in conjunction with sport specific coach

  • Triathlon Australia High Performance/NSWIS Triathlon Talent Academy Project – Assisting S&C coach

Anthony skills, knowledge and capacity to educate are second to none”. (2011)


David Phelan

Elite triathlete, competitive in mountain biker coached by Anthony for 18 months


“I have been training with Anthony Webb since 2011. Prior to teaming up with Anthony I constantly suffered from minor jiggling injuries that held me back from my full potential. After only 1 month following Anthony's specific program my flexibility had improved enormously, the niggly injuries disappeared and my performance in each triathlon discipline improved.

With continued training with Anthony I achieved my triathlon goal of being selected in the Australian Age Group Team to compete at the World Championships in Auckland. 

I continue to train with Anthony today and highly recommend him as the best strength & conditioning coach around. Try him - you will be amazed!”

Dr Chris Stevens

PhD University of Newcastle

Sport Scientist

Highlight Triathlon Team Coach


“Anthony Webb has been a valuable asset to me over the last few years. Unlike many strength & conditioning coaches, Anthony incorporates musculoskeletal and functional movement screenings into his sport specific programs. All of my athletes have discovered weaknesses they were unaware of, and improved them to benefit their triathlon performance. Further, Anthony takes extra time to conduct performance testing and goal setting and as a result I have seen high rates of adherence to his programs.”


Dr Nenad Naumovski

PhD Food Science, BHN(Hons), SRF (SNTR), NSA. AAS.

Chef (Comm Cook, Cert IV)

Nutritionist / Nutrition Consultant

Co-Director NHFS Group (www.nhfsgroup.com)


“I have known Anthony nearly fifteen years while starting as a teacher in science at Newcastle TAFE. He was the first person to offer me a hand and since then we have become a great friends and colleagues. Anthony has helped me with fitness and strength advice on numerous occasions and I have very fond memories of training together at various gyms around the Newcastle area. The dedication, knowledge and inspiration that Anthony gives and brings out in people is absolutely incredible. He is exceptionally motivated and fantastic person to have as a trainer, coach and overall as a friend.”