Online Programming

Online exercise programs are NEW to Innovate

Sample Online Programs


Sample online exercise programs available here. These consist of a two week program for the following sports:



Extensive functional screening and testing analysis

Sports skill session specific preparation and recovery

Additional sport specific programming drills

Discounted rate for additional face to face sessions

Load-monotony-strain analysis of data

Training load-fatigued analysis of data

Individual and sport specific programs

Functional screening and testing analysis

Complete videos / pictures / instructions of all prescribed exercises

12 or 24 week subscription to visual coaching professional (VCP) software

Annual plan with all training components

Periodised plan containing all testing and competition dates

Periodisation of all training variables

Premium Online Program



Online Program

$42 (/Week)

Online Exercise Program


Premium Plus Online Program


Premium Plus

Online Program

$54 (/Week)

Specific Assessment and Program Design


The process in which a program is tailored for an individual athlete’s particular needs is one of the most important aspects for exercise prescription.

Innovate has designed a stringent screening and assessment criteria to allow the best possible exercise program to be designed for each athlete.


The Programming Process

Step 1- (To begin questionnaire, click on standard or premium link above)

The athlete completes the Innovate questionnaire, gathering all possible information to establish a sufficient background prior to program design.

Step 2- (To begin questionnaire and exercise testing, click on standard or premium link above)

The athlete follows a specially designed screening and assessment protocol (where they complete a number of “tests”) to establish their level of readiness for the program. An instructional video of each test is available in the questionnaire, which provides specific instructions and a scoring system for each individual assessment.

Screening- Assessment consists of 3 categories:

A) Posture / Mobility / Stability

B) Strength & Positional Maintenance

C) Load Absorption & Power

Step 3

Innovate staff collate all of the personal  / training / assessment information and using a specially designed matrix of testing outcomes, athletes receive both individual and sport specific exercise programming, catering to both their current physical capability and skills to be specifically developed over time for their sport.

Some of the following screenings and assessments require access to a fitness/gymnasium facility. It is advisable to complete all asessments at a professional facility for the most accurate result.



Training Information and Costing


Exercise Programs are available over both 12 and 24 week periods. For more specific fee and payment details, please see the ISSC 'Terms and Conditions'.


An entry level trial program is available for FREE as a ‘taster’ for each sport. The entry level program is designed to last for 2 weeks, where a programming progression is then required.


Online exercise programs are available for a range of sports and levels of athletic capability. A prescription summary is available with every program, which reinforces the key movement function capabilities, which outline the focus of the program.

Where specific sporting requirements may be required (or a sport potentially not listed below), Innovate staff will accommodate via liaison with the athlete.


Innovate endeavors to cater for athletes who spend a great deal of time travelling to competitions and events, who travel for training, and who live at a distance from the Innovate clinic in Newcastle, Australia.

For athletes who begin an online program with Innovate, they will be offered a discounted rate of 25% for face-to-face sessions through the duration of their program. This may aid online programming athletes to seek out face-to-face assistance where available for one or multiple sessions to coincide with the online training program. 

To start the questionnaire and assessment process, please click on the Premium or Premium Plus link above.