Fitness Courses

Innovate offers a number of educational courses for athletes, support staff and fellow trainers, to enhance their understanding of the principles and applications of strength and conditioning and athletic development. Courses cover an entire range of fitness components and are accredited with Fitness Australia, which attract continuing education credits (CEC’s) for each course.


Courses are available both online and face to face, please scroll down to see the next upcoming course dates.


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Power Strength Hypertrophy Training

The aim of this course is to define and discuss the three training units (power/ strength / hypertrophy), establish training approaches and guidelines for application, and demonstrate methods for practical progression.

Speed-Agility Proprioception & Balance Training

This course defines and discusses speed and agility training, reviews the five speed sub-qualities, and explains the higher skills such as perception and decision-making applicable to speed training. Defines and reviews proprioception and balance and reviews the physiological processes that monitor these physiological qualities.

The aim of this course is to define and discuss flexibility training, the factors affecting flexibility, periodization and application of flexibility training. Explain the importance of cardiovascular training, how to train the cardiovascular system, and explain multiple methods for monitoring training intensity

Flexibility, Cardiovascular & Body Composition Training


The aim of this course is to provide the student with a broad understanding of the facets involved in program writing. This is done by providing a greater understanding of the significance of the training units, explaining the types of exercise and programming principles, and how to correctly apply the principles of training.

Writing Resistance Training Programs