Training Services

Athlete Training Package


The training package is setup to provide each athlete with an all encompassing service, where all necessary aspects of strength and conditioning are incorporated into a month by month package.

Services include:

  • One, two or three face to face sessions per week.

  • Detailed periodised (annual) plan

  • Day by day planning for each training block (2 to 6 weeks)

  • Exercise program upgrades every training block (2 to 6 weeks)

  • Exercise prescription for low/moderate/high level conditioning, preparation and activation, functional mobility and recovery sessions.

  • Access to the Visual Coaching Professional (VCP) software to access all exercise programs.

  • Statistical analysis of training loads/ strains/ monotony/ fatigue/ training peaks

  • Functional testing, power/speed/endurance testing on scheduled testing days with use of GYMAWARE Powertool, speed and agility timing lights, indoor running track, lifting platforms.

  • Coach liaison with sports skill coaches.

Assessment-Training Squads & Teams


Innovate regularly conducts either self-designed (sport or squad) or standardised functional testing batteries for squads and sports teams. Education for squads is a large factor of this service, where Innovate coaches initially consult with the sports coaching staff to design the most applicable training package to suit the needs of each squad / team.

An assessment-training package can include:

  • Seminars and educational material

  • Individual athlete video analysis of particular sports movements

  • Structured testing battery with analysis of results (postural-orthopaedic, functional, performance testing)

  • Individual and group exercise programs (strength and conditioning/ speed & agility/ recovery)

  • Coach’s statistical feedback and squad analysis for deficiency and strengths

  • Online access to video files of all prescribed exercises

Functional Movement Assessment 


A full functional assessment incorporates the use of postural, remedial, activation, palpative, range of motion, and functional movement testing methods. Testing is also analysed with the use of video and photographic evidence to provide a holistic prescription summary, which is the template for the athletes programming for sports performance.

Many individual training factors are taken into consideration, which include:

- Athlete injury

- Previous training age

- Sports specific training history

- Travel requirements

- Recovery capabilities

- Nutrition

- Access to equipment & facilities

- Coaching style

- Reinforcement techniques

- Diary analysis prerequisites


A “category score testing template” is also designed for the athlete. This comprises sports specific tests, which are put into categories, matching the individual requirements of the athlete. This format of testing representation allows a battery of tests to be created to be specific to the athletes needs and provides % scores in the key areas of performance, as well as an overall %

score for the athlete at the current time.

GYMAWARE and Video Analysis


This service incorporates the use of the latest applications to assess, compare, and provide video feedback to the athlete, which is sent in an email for future reference. A sports specific movement is analysed and compared with slow motion and biomechanical tools to provide a state of the art coaching experience for every athlete.

Massage Therapy


Innovate offers massage therapy tailored to the individual needs of the athlete. Specialising in addressing postural imbalances and assisting sport-specific biomechanical movement patterns, massage sessions can be beneficial as part of a holistic training program. 

Athletes can choose between a range of options and approaches- For example:

  • Recovery flushes'- Effective as a post-competition or training recovery, to assist in relaxing, and regaining full range of movement faster. 

  • Remedial Release- Soft tissue and stress point release with a focus on relieving trouble spots specific to the athlete and their sport.

​Massages can be booked for either 30 minutes or 1 hour.

Functional Taping


Functional taping is offered to allow an advanced performance and rehabilitative / prehabilitative method, which further enhances the

programming process. Functional taping is an alternative to rigid taping, where the tape actually allows a stretch, so instead of providing support and stability only (like rigid tape), functional taping promotes appropriate movement through range, improving movement mechanics and decreasing potential for injury.

  • Functional taping can be used to improve an existing injury, static or dynamic posture, or simply to further enhance movement awareness and sports performance for an athlete with no injuries.