Power Profiling & Video Analysis

Power profiling is a NEW service for 2016.


With the use of a GYM-AWARE power tool , power profiling involves the use of multiple methods to establish a specific power measure for an athlete. Understanding an athlete’s power profile can enhance the exercise prescription process via understanding the athlete’s capability to exert and absorb load, and control speed. Elements that the power tool can measure are: absolute power / mean power / power to weight / absolute velocity (speed) / mean speed / speed to weight / height / dip. Measurement of these training variables can be seen for every repetition allowing the coach to provide appropriate training peaks, tapering processes, and recovery loads and processes.
Ongoing Training With Gym Aware Power Tool:

An athlete can choose to utilise the power tool as part of their regular training package. This means for every session at the Innovate gym an athlete will be able to measure and monitor numerous exercises for the most accurate and effective training.

Video Analysis

This service also incorporates the use of the latest applications to assess, compare, and provide video feedback to the athlete, which is sent in an email for future reference. A sports specific movement is analysed and compared with slow motion and biomechanical tools to provide a state of the art coaching experience for every athlete.

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Functional Movement Screening & Assessment

Designed to be the initial athlete assessment, a full functional assessment incorporates the use of postural, remedial, activation, palpative, range of motion, and functional movement testing methods. Testing is also analysed with the use of video and photographic evidence to provide a holistic prescription summary, which is the template for the athletes programming for sports performance.


Many individual training factors are taken into consideration, which include:

  • Athlete injury

  • Previous training age

  • Sports specific training history

  • Travel requirements

  • Recovery capabilities

  • Nutrition

  • Access to equipment & facilities

  • Coaching style

  • Reinforcement techniques

  • Diary analysis prerequisites


Exercise Testing & Assessment

Functional Screening Squads & Teams


Innovate regularly conducts either self-designed (for a particular sport) or standardised functional testing batteries for squads and sports teams. Education for squads is a large factor of this service, where Innovate coaches initially consult with the sports coaching staff to design the most applicable educational package to suit the needs of each squad / team.


A screening package can include:

  • Educational material (including handouts)

  • Individual athlete video analysis of particular sports movements

  • Testing battery

  • Testing battery results (group / individual)

  • Coach’s statistical feedback and squad analysis for deficiency and strengths

  • Individual sports specific & individually tailored exercise programs for each athlete

  • Online access to video files of all prescribed exercises


Innovate coaches have worked extensively over the past few years with the Hunter Academy of Sport (HAS) / NSW Trampoline / NSW Squash with testing and results based exercise programming. Innovate has tested a number of some squads on multiple occasions and has been involved in multiple pilot studies establishing “best training practices”.


Innovate has been involved with testing & education of the following squads:

Hunter Academy Of Sport




Innovate has a strong relationship and been involved with athlete education and development with the HAS since 2009. 

Anthony Webb (Head Coach) is the Sports Science Coordinator for the Hunter Academy of Sport starting 2017. This role involves the design and implementation for the educational / physical development / screening-testing / research processes for over 400 athletes across 18 sports programs. The role incorporates the initiation of a “developmental pathway” for the athletes over the course of a number of years working with HAS to enhance the physical developmental experience and provide a stepping stone to future elite sport programs.

Current Sports Programs 2016-2017:

AFL, athletes with a disability (AWD), basketball, golf, lawn bowls, netball umpires, sailing, surfing, tennis, baseball, cycling, hockey, netball, rugby 7’s, softball, ten pin bowling, triathlon.   

Previous Sports Programs 2009 - 2016:

Innovate has also been involved with physical development and screening-testing processes of a number of previous programs over numerous years. 
Water polo, BMX, cricket, clay target shooting, trampoline, harness racing, indigenous athletes, distance running, track and field, and rugby.

NSW Trampoline 2015-2017:

Innovate is the coordinator for strength and conditioning for the NSW trampoline squad program. This project involves the sport specific design and structure for program testing, prescription and movement analysis, in collaboration with coaching and physio staff, to provide an educational and ‘long term athlete development’ structure to the state program. A squad of 15+ athletes is selected each year, where they are put through a number of rigorous testing batteries and exercise programs to provide a greater opportunity for the athletes to compete regularly at state, national, and even international competitions. 

NSW Squash 2015:

Innovate was involved with the functional screening-testing, and program design for a range of NSW squash athletes at a camp held in Newcastle. The athletes received education on functional development and sports specific movement capabilities.